Sunday, February 12, 2012


mild wind, sunny skies, few cars!
Go B team Go!
Today is Sunday and that means practice. Woke up earlier than usual to eat a good breakfast and drink a nice cup of coffee. Yesterday's ride on the deep rims was good, but I'm still not totally convinced that these wheels are worth all the hype. Hopefully today will work out better! Like yesterday, besides the cold, the weather is perfect. Slight wind, and not a single cloud in sight! There's about twenty of us today and and a few guys still testing out the deep rims. B team was made up with Pei, Y-naks, T-nabs, Wakasan and myself. With the deep rims I was able to keep pace the first 7 laps with ease on only my inner chainring. The last laps felt even better in the outer chainring! Is it my legs?.. I wish.. the deep rims work after all! 
My evaluation: If you've got the power to push a big gear with these stiff wheels they are a wonder. Otherwise you'll just get tired real fast (like yeseterday). On the flats, they'll keep on rolling especially above 35kmph.
Menu: Mabo Tofu set
Riding on these wheels won't get you much practice, so I'm back to my old wheels. Maybe one day when I'm rich I'll consider buying some?

Oh, and EASTON is back!


  1. It is a foul to wear a deep wheel.
    Let's do its best with one's foot.
    Deep wheel is good!

    1. iceman:
      Yes! I agree it's not about the wheels, it's about the legs!

  2. I cannot understand the good deepwheel

    英語もホイールも  tiger horse!

    1. (笑)英語もホイールもtiger horseになったんですか?治るには仕方なく、飲みに行きましょう!