Saturday, April 21, 2012

short shorts!

I went to sleep last night fearing waking up to rainy weather and wet roads, but to my surprise the weather was good. Cloudy skies, but no threat of rain. The weather was even warm enough to put away the long sleeves and start getting out the short shorts! Is summer around the corner!?!?.. I hope not, because I'm enjoying this warm weather! The Saturday group was out and about by the time I woke up, for today I had different plans to meet up with Shige. We had planned to meet up at 9, but due to some heavy drinking from the previous night (not me) we postponed our start to 10am.

With some time to kill I figured I'd head out early to meet up with the Saturday group. After several failed attempts to make contact Pei-san called me and we decided to meet at Chou-Chou. After fueling up the Saturday group, N-jima-san, Shige and myself headed out. Since they had already completed our ride, Shige and I decided to head to Innoshima through Tosaki Port. 

The cool weather and the calm wind made for some much needed R&R! The Hassaku Daifuku was delicious! We turned around and headed for Onomichi, but not before taking the short-cut after reaching Mukai-shima. It was not a good idea...

Hassaku tappuri!

The next stop was for lunch and we decided shio-ramen in Onomichi would be good, but to our dissapointment it was all sold out! Right next door was a place called John, a nice and cozy place that serves burgers. We settled there and re-energized before making the headwind-filled journey back to Fukuyama.  

Teriyaki Tomato Burger w/ fries and drink - 800¥

 Total distance rode = a thirst quenching 88km. Hopefully the weather will be good for tomorrow's BBQ!


  1. 黙って旨そうなハンバーガー食べましたね。

  2. MORE PAN-YA san!!!!! ure making me hungry T_____T