Sunday, December 18, 2011

Glad I was late!

Woke up with enough time to have breakfast today. Today's menu included rice, sausage and a cheese omelet with some coffee! By the time I noticed it was 8:45 and I was still in my pajamas watching Goseija... I'm late for practice! And out the door I went.

Good morning C-team!

To my delight there was a nice tailwind down to Takegahana and I arrived just as C-team pulled out parking lot. Although I haven't been riding so well, recently I've been riding with A-team. After greeting C-team I rolled up to B-team and hopped in line. (A-team was full enough anyway!) Glad I was late! 

R-kun's hisashiburi back view

 It's been a long time since I rode with B-team last, but it was nice to ride with familiar faces. It was also nice to see R-kun riding again! Glad you're all better, buddy! ^o^


As usual there were tired faces, but everyone was ready for more and off we went to Swan Bakery!

Swan Cafe and Bakery!

Where were you at asaren!? Pei-san is riding strong!
Itadakimasu! Japanese bread is delicious! Let's do Shinnenkai, soon! After a resting over a nice meal and some coffee we headed home... But not before going a little uphill! Got some good practice in today! I deserve a beer tonight!

No problem for Ansuke-san and Nakata-san!


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