Saturday, January 14, 2012

first ride of the year

Happy New Year! Or, "Eh Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!" in Hawaiian. It's been almost a month out of the saddle due to a busy, but fun and memorable holiday season. From Christmas to the beginning of the new year there's been a little too much eating and drinking and too little exercise. But it feels good to get back into the normal routine again after such a long break. Today Pei-san, N-san and I woke up early to head to Tomo. Super cold, super fast and super hilly are the words to describe today's ride. However, the discovery of a new bakery and a new route made it all worth while!

Thanks for sharing!
N-san's got a hot new ride!

Chou Chou's got quite a selection!
still a long way to go!


  1. Tanx for da awesome holidays n now its time fo us to lose some lbs!! but i wouldnt mind gainin some fo da fresh lookin bread you uploaded!!! makin me hungry after eatin tons tonite n now i opened up another bag of chips man. tanx fo da motivation at 1am... anyways take me to da panyasan next time i come up there bud!!!

    1. asam:
      The holidays were super awesome! But yeah, we should get in health mode and try shed some kgs. Next time you're in town I'll take you to Chou Chou!

  2. u and your bakeries. is that why u guys ride? =P

    1. roo:
      You're just jealous! and, of course delicious food is da bessest motivation!