Saturday, May 12, 2012

Can't Feel My Legs!

The weather has been real good recently, but today was the first time to ride since Golden Week. I haven't been able to ride as much as I'd like to since well before Golden Week, and with a race coming up next Sunday, I'm far off from being able to help the team! So yesterday I gave Pei-san the usual call to see what today's route would be. Unfortunately, Anske-san is in Shimane-ken for the Iwami Gran Fondo. So Pei-san started our ride at 8am from our usual gathering point. With my legs in not so good condition, he led me at a good 35km/h pace through Tomonoura to Tsuneishi.
Cosmic Carbon! But you can't tell from this angle...

After just about 40km of riding we stopped to refuel at a nearby konbini. (I don't feel too bad, but I'm noticeably weaker and not in great shape) There, I gave Rin a message to see if he could meet up with us. It must be over a year since I last rode with him and we're all glad he's well and back on his bike! He requests to meet at Chou-Chou in Matsunaga so we head there before thinking about where to go next.

After picking up Rin get a call from Matsu-fufu and decide to meet up with them in front of Onomichi Station. After arriving there we then grab a little snack for the rode just enough to last until lunch time. At first what I thought would be a normal day riding the usual routes, Matsu-fufu offers taking us to Takehara where there's good roads, good scenery and good food! Without hesitation we agree on the 5 of us head out a long the coast to Takehara through Mihara.  It was my first time to Takehara and what an awesome place it was! Just like they said there was a fantastic scenery and an awesome lunch! There was even a beach named after me! (.. I think?)

The long flat road and the beautiful ocean view heading to Takehara

Time to refuel! Daikon-oroshi Ponzu Hamburg Set! There was soup, too!
After a good rest and a hearty meal we hit the road and made our way back to Mihara. At this point Pei-san and I were at the 80km mark. Instead of making a U-turn to go back the way we came we stayed on the same road that also led us to see an old Japanese style village. It reminded me of Kyoto and seemed a lot better than the one in Kurashiki (No offense!) This road also included a brutal climb through the mountains. Already, my legs were feeling the hurt, but having some energy we pedaled on...

Awesome place!

After arriving in Mihara, Matsumoto-san  (who enjoys watching people suffer) Led us the dreadful hilly route that would take us back to Matsunaga. Now the legs were really suffering, but I somehow managed to stick with it. Rin is in very good form! He led much of the way and was the first up each climb! It's good to see him riding again! Matsu-fufu as always, loving to do painful activities and Pei-san with his Cosmics were also looking good. Everybody is in good form except me! Boohoo, but that's what I get for being lazy. 

Today's ride totaled about 135km. First time in a long time I've ridden that much, and definitely didn't expect to do that after a long break from riding. Tonights beer will taste real good, but tomorrow's hill-climb time trial is gonna hurt real bad :( Nonetheless, today I was able to get in some much needed exercise and sun! 

Alright, I think I deserve a beer! 



  1. ユデンの海じゃない? lol...but I guess when I tilt my head and squint my eyes, it becomes エバンの海。 (^.^)b

    Takehara looks so pretty! Enjoy da ride tomorrow too!

    1. I just proof read my own entry and found a handful of mistakes! It must've been hell for you to read to the end!.. if you even read to the end. haha. Oh, and it actually says "エデンの海". But really they meant, エバン!

  2. No pan-ya this time? =P